Airmarine was founded on July 18, 1991 by former staff members of Fläkt Técnica de Ar Ltda (Brazilian branch of Fläkt Marine AB of Gothenburg, Sweden).

During the year 1983, as a result of the reduction in the number of orders in the marine sector, all activities of the HVAC division were transferred to a Brazilian company operating in the marine industry - Semco SA.

In 1991 Jacir Collodetti, Luiz Regal, and Fernando Bittencourt left Semco and founded Airmarine Engenharia Ltda to carry out activities relating to the design, assembly, and commissioning of marine and offshore HVAC and refrigeration systems. Large-scale designs and/or installations were supplied, however, in a partnership with Semco.

Over the past 14 years Airmarine has been operating in the marine and offshore sector together with ABB AS (Norway), a company it represents which recently became part of the Swedish group Cailenberg under the new name "AC Marine AS".